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The Tokyo Foreign Exchange Market Committee (hereafter “the Committee”) administers the website of the Committee (hereafter “the Website”) for the purpose of addressing the information on the Committees’ not only to the participants of foreign exchange market, but also to the financial community. Such activities include discussions and exchange of opinions on the technical issues and market practices.
When using the Website, you are automatically subject to the following terms. The Committee reserve the right to alter any part of the terms anytime without prior notice.

Individual information that appears on the Website and whole Website are protected by copyright of the Committee pursuant to the Japanese Copyright act and the International Treaty law. The contents can not be used, reproduced or altered without the prior permission of the Committee.
2-1.Links to websites of third parties
The Website may contain links to or banners for other websites. As these websites are provided and controlled by parties other than the Committee accepts no liability for any information offered at any third party websites linked from the Website.
2-2.Links to the Tokyo Foreign Exchange Market Committee site
When crating a link to the Website, please comply with all of the instructions set forth below. In no event will the Committee be liable for any troubles and held accountable for damages or losses arising from linking to Website.
  1. The URL for use the link should be as follows;
    Direct link to any other page of the Website is prohibited.
  2. Link that displays the contents of the Website as part of the linking websites by ways of frames or other techniques is prohibited in order to avoid misunderstanding by the viewer. Please utilize only the kinds of link that either go forward to the Website or launch a separate window for the Website.
  3. Link can be used only for the convenience of the viewers of the linking site. Link that implies any special relationship with Committee or pursues any commercial merit is strictly prohibited.
  4. Link that may harm social trust in the Committee or incur economic loss to the Committee is prohibited. Link from the websites that are either illegal or violates the public order is prohibited.
  5. Any link that acts in a similar way as those described above is prohibited.
3.Limitation of Liability
The Committee takes reasonable measures to ensure the accuracy of information available on the Website. However, the Committee does not guarantee, and assumes no responsibility for consequences, including damages, arising out of or in connection with the use of any information that is available from the website.
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Terms of use of the Web Site